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Unbiased Truth

As a business leader, you need to get to the unbiased truth to make effective decisions. Sometimes the truth is obvious and at other times you need that person, that group that will question your assumptions and answers. I’ll ask those questions. If you are in one of my Vistage groups, you will have 14-16 CEOs just like you asking those questions. You may not always feel comfortable, but you will find the truth.

Uncluttered Focus

For everyone person that struggles to find time, or says they are too busy, I will show you a person that has a long to-do list who is struggling to identify what is truly important (vs. the urgent). Focus is key to leadership. Where is your focus? Where are you and your company headed? What strategic objectives and activities are you and your teamed aligned to accomplish? Are you managing outcomes, or just engaged in activities?

Unhindered Action

It is essential that you lead your team in taking action. Show them how to make decisions and take action based on the truth and focus. Align the actions of your organization with the outcomes you have clearly identified and communicated. Postponing decisions and actions can be an epidemic in your culture that proves costly to you.  There can be no fear of failure, no shame in failure, only opportunity to keep moving forward.

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